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If you don't want to divide your hard drive to make new partitions for sidux, you can try it anyway
making installation on an external drive (Pen Drive, Flash Drive lub External Hard Drive).
There are three ways to do so.

1. Live system installation[edit]


1. After "iso" file downloading Sidux/System installation/Downloading, burn it on a CD: Sidux/System installation/Burning
and boot Live system: Sidux/System installation/Booting Live CD connect your external drive to an USB port.
2. Next format the drive using for example Gparted: Sidux/Useable applications/External drive/Formating
for "fat32" or "ext2" file system.
3. Run the installator: Menu-> System-> install-sidux-to-usb and click on: Apply.
a. It's possible to make installation from hard drive if you installed sidux on it before,
then choose "iso" image file from a drive.
4. It will open Terminal so type root password.
5. sidux will be installed after a few minutes.



Re-boot your computer, get BIOS in and set: "Boot computer from USB" as the first booting option.
sidux-on-a-stick has its own Bootloader installed and can't see others operating systems.
Just choose only the one system you see.


sidux-on-a-stick has a few good and bad points.
+ it's so small it can be installed on a 500 MB drive
+ it runs much faster than from a CD/DVD
- it's only a copy of Live system
- after system restarting all your dates and settings will be lost, store theme on other partition
or other external drive. Sidux/Post-installating work/Mounting partitions/Temporary mounting
- you will be working on root account with no password in graphical environment
1. I suggest to set root password: Sidux/System management/Root account changes, add an user
and its password: Sidux/System management/User account changes.
2. Next log out (don't re-boot system) and log in as an user.
3. It's good idea to active system firewall: Sidux/Post-installation work/Firewall
4. And add repositories: Sidux/Post-installation work/Repositories.

2. Full installation[edit]


sidux-on-a-stick full installation looks similar like hard drive installation.
1. It can be done after sidux Live started: Sidux/System installation/Booting sidux Live CD
then choose: "sidux-installer" from your desktop.
2. Click on "Forward" (you will not create live-usbstick)
3. There is only one different: choose "/dev/sdb1" as new root partition "/".
4. Next make exactly the same as hard drive installation: Sidux/System installation/Installation
a. choose time zone
b. create root password, user name and password
c. choose host name
d. install missing drivers Sidux/System installation/Installation/8.Firmware if the installator detected any
e. save configuration and start installation





Re-boot your computer, get BIOS in and set: "Boot computer from USB" as the first booting option.
This time Bootloader will detect all installed systems on hard and pen drives.


The system has been installed "in normal mode" so configure it in the same way as hard drive installation:
Sidux/Post-installation work

3. Raw device installation[edit]

The third and the last way to install sidux on a pen is "Raw device installation".
I don't have any raw external drive so I can't check it myself.
But if you want to do that, there is full instruction on:

More about sidux-on-a-stick is here: