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Server+ Certification

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The CompTIA Server+ exam verifies the core knowledge for server technicians. The latest version SK0-003 was released in 2009.

Exam Details[edit | edit source]

The criteria for the 2009 exam are as follows:

Domain Percentage of exam
System Hardware 21
Software 19
Storage 14
IT Environment 11
Disaster Recovery 11
Troubleshooting 24
Total 100

Server Hardware[edit | edit source]

Form Factor[edit | edit source]

Rack-mounted servers are manufactured to a standard unit height, where one unit (1U) is 1.75 inches.

Cooling[edit | edit source]

Processors[edit | edit source]

Some system boards may have mounts for more than one processor. Each processor may have more than one core, which executes the instructions of a program.

Memory[edit | edit source]

BIOS[edit | edit source]

Expansion Cards[edit | edit source]

Storage[edit | edit source]

Networking & Networking Operating System[edit | edit source]

Disaster Recovery[edit | edit source]

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