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This book aims to be a complete guide to the Serbian language. From the basics, to the most advanced concepts of grammar and speech. It also aims to provide some miscellaneous information in relation to Serbia and the Serbian language (for example: history of the Serbian language, different dialects, how the Serbian language evolved, etcetera).

The Lessons and Reference/Лекције и Препоруке/Lekcije i Preporuke[edit]

The lessons are put into levels. Each level focuses on a certain part of Serbian, to help build up your knowledge of the language, also known simply as Serbian. For example, the first level is mostly vocabulary. After studying and learning all the levels and lessons, hopefully the reader will be able to speak Serbian fluently. The levels are mainly for people who want to learn Serbian seriously as another language. If you wish to learn some of the language quickly because of business, a holiday or just out of curiosity, the reference is here for a quick guide. If you are familiar with another Slavic language (cf. Russian, Polish , Croatian , Czech, etc...), then you are at an advantage as Serbian shares the same noun declinations and sentence structures as her sister languages.

Reference is not a guide, however nor is it similar to the lessons. It is large portions of this South Slavic language put into a small area so the reader can look up verbs quickly without having to go through the lessons to find it. However, if you want to learn some more vocabulary, please use Level 1, not Reference to look up the word you want. Level 1 is not rigidly structured, so it is easy to use, like a dictionary.

Under Construction/У Изради/U Izradi[edit]

This book is currently under construction. The squares next to each page, level or lesson, shows whether the content inside is completed or not. Below shows what stages these squares show:

Wikibook Development Stages
Sparse text 0% Developing text 25% Maturing text 50% Developed text 75% Comprehensive text 100%


0% developed  as of 8th May 2011Level 1 - Vocabulary

0% developed  as of 8th May 2011Level 2 - Basic grammar

0% developed  as of 8th May 2011Level 3 - Forming sentences