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In Serbian language have four ways of pronunciation: shtokavian, kajkavian, chakavian, torlakian.

Shtokavian dialect[edit | edit source]

Shtokavian dialects

In Shtokavian have three ways of pronunciation: ikavian (letter jat have change in i, Croatia), ijekavian (letter jat have change in ije or je, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia) and ekavian (letter jat have change in e, Serbia, in few examples jat have change in i, example: nIsam (I'm not)).

Eastern Shtokavian dialects are: Šumadija-Vojvodina dialect, Zeta-south Sandžak dialect, Eastern Herzegovinian, Kosovo-Resava dialect, Smederevo-Vršac dialect, Prizren-Timok dialect, Prizren-South Morava dialect, Svrljig-Zaplanj dialect and Timok-Lužnica dialect.

Western Shtokavian dialects are: Eastern Bosnian dialect, Younger ikavian dialect or Bosnia-Dalmatia dialect and Slavonia dialect.

Serbo-Croatian dialects before XVI century


Other dialects[edit | edit source]

Other dialects are: Gora dialect or Našinian dialect, Užice dialect, Crna trava dialect (this dialect have special letters, Ss (dz), f have change in v, Bulgarian semivoice ь have change in a, this dialect haven't "prelazak l u o(traverse in l to o), in this dialect have not đ, in this dialect have noniotatied jd (pođem-pojdem) ), Šatrovian (incorrect way of speaking, example: word pivo (beer) pivo-vopi, word fudbal (football) fudbal-dbalfu), Anglo-Serbian dialect, Romano-Serbian (dialect of Roma people in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro), Bunjevac dialect and Šokac dialect.