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Demonstration Experiments and Activities Related to Microtechnology

See also the Open source handbook on Microtechnology.

This page is currently a brainstorm - detailed activity descriptions will come. Please add comments and ideas!

Brainstorm for New Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Make cakes 'lithography style'
  • Play with acceleration sensor and make your own sensors
  • Recreate the first transistor (piece of semiconductor and cut gold foil)
  • Lego Mindstorm programmable toys
  • Experiments with Optical fibers - light through running water to introduce the concept
  • Solar cells - make your own and compare to commercial ones
  • Light emitting diodes -band gaps and materials properties as fct of temperature
  • Webcams and their IR sensitivity
  • Webcams, can they be used to detect a radioactive source?
  • Maize starch in water for microfluidic demonstration?