Russian/Vocabulary/Rooms and Furniture

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These memory aids are not true! They are nonsense made up to help you remember the meanings of Russian words.

Rooms and Furniture[edit]

Russian rooms usually end in ная. Think of the 1994 movie "Vanya on 42nd Street" as if it were a room on 42nd Street.

крыша noun Roof Krýsha
In Russia they make roof shingles by krishing aluminum cans.
чердак noun Attic Chyerdák
Russians put their old chairs in the attic, and a dock is where ships are tied up when not in use, so a Russian attic is a chair dock.
спальня noun Bedroom Spál'nya
Russian bedrooms have a below-ground hot tub or spa. Also, waking up is "la juice spot," so "spat" and "spal" go together.
коридор noun Corridor Koridór
A cognate (same word in Russian and English).
лестница noun Stairs Léstnitsa
American stairways are hard on your knees. Russian stairways are designed to demand less knee effort. Also "forest" is лесно́й so a staircase is a forest of stairs.
Столовая noun Dining room Stolóvayah
Стол means "table" so Столовая is "table room" (or where Russians keep their stolen tables).
Кухня noun Kitchen Kúkhnya
Russian kitchens are warmy and kootchy.
Ванная noun Bathroom Vánnaya
Ваня (Vanya) is a Russian man's name. Don't confuse Ванная and Ваня. You might ask for directions to the bathroom, and instead get introduced to Vanya. Or you might introduce your friend Vanya as "bathroom."
Кабинет noun Office Kabinét
The President's Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments. These are highest offices in the American government. Or, Russian offices always have a cabinet.
Гостиная noun Living room Gostínaya
The living room is for entertaining guests.
Подвал noun Basement Podvál
"pod" means "under," "val" means "heel," so a basement is "under heel." Russians store bags of pea pods in their basements, next to their bags of spuds. For entertainment and exercise they pole vault over the bags of pods. The call this pod vauting.
Холодильник noun Refrigerator Kholodíl'nik
Refrigerators hold cold things, such as your friend Nick.
Плита noun Stove Plitá
Please, we're pleading for you to cook food. Don't forget, the plural of плита́ is пли́ты.
Стул noun Chair Stul
Cognate, also chairs go with tables (стол).
Письменный стол noun Desk or writing table Pís'mennyj stol
писа́ть (don't say пи́сать) is writing and стол is table, so пи́сьменный стол is a writing table.
Лампа noun Lamp Lampa
A cognate (same word in Russian and English).
Диван noun Couch Ddiván
A "divan" is large couch usually without back or arms often used as a bed, also called an "ottoman." Or, Russian couches are divine.
Кресло noun Comfy chair Kryéslo
Rest and take it slow in a Russian comfy chair!
Ковёр noun Rug Kovyór
Russian rugs cover the floor. Also they cover the couch, the dog, etc. Picture a rug that covers everything in the living room.
Кровать noun Bed Krovát'
"Cravat" is French for neck scarf or necktie. Russians are so formal that they wear neckties to bed! By the way, Кровать is female, so in Russia men always sleep with some kind of feminine company.