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These memory aids aren't true! They're nonsense made up to help you remember the meanings of Russian words.

Days of the Week[edit]

Russians don't capitalize days of the week.

день noun day dyehn
A cognate (same word in Russian and English).
сегодня noun today sevódnya
The г here is pronounced as a в. It sounds like "с его дня", which would mean "from his day", if день were an animate noun. But it's not.
понедельник noun Monday ponyedyél'nik/td>
On Mondays we ride our ponies to Nick's deli.
вторник noun Tuesday vtórnik
On Tuesdays we go to the store with Nick.
среда noun Wednesday sryéda
Wednesdays are a good day for shredding.
четверг noun Thursday chetvérg
On Thursdays Chet goes to work.
пятница noun Friday pyátnitsa
On Fridays we eat pizza on a yacht, neatly.
суббота noun Saturday soobbóta
On Saturdays Sue goes boating. Also Saturday is the Sabbath. Don't confuse суббота with собакa, that is a dog.
воскресенье noun Sunday voskresén'ye
There's a cross in the middle of Sunday. It's also the sanest day of the week.
Какой сегодня день? phrase What day is it? Kakóy sevódnya dyen'?