Roblox Studio Tutorials/Ways to die in Roblox Natural Disaster Survival

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  1. Fall damage
  2. Drowned
  3. Burnt
  4. Hit by a piece of lava
  5. Fell off the edge
  6. Hit by a piece of thing in a sandstorm
  7. Staying outside in a blizzard
  8. Hit by a meteor
  9. Attempting to cross over a tsunami when not high enough
  10. Struck by lightning
  11. Falling into the volcano
  12. Volcano spawned on you
  13. Staying on the edge in an earthquake
  14. Staying outside in an acid rain
  15. Walking into the tornado
  16. Falling off second floor of lobby
  17. Staying on green or black stuff in an acid rain
  18. Staying on white stuff in a blizzard
  19. Attempting to reach the volcano when you have orange or red health bar
  20. Falling off the play area
  21. Reset your character