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Raising Cattle/Feed

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If you are lucky you will not need much feed and your cattle can graze on what grows in the pasture. However, in many places seasonal feed is needed.

Hay[edit | edit source]

A field of hay bales.
A field of hay bales.

Hay is the most common form of feed available for cattle. If you have a field available that is easily accessible to equipment you can grow your own hay. However, there are many farmers who grow more hay than they need and sell the extra. Some will even deliver to you for an extra price. To find them you can go through your local classifieds.

Growing your own hay[edit | edit source]

Hay can easily be grown on flat fertile land. As an alternative of using commercial fertilizer, many farmers are using chicken litter. The rising price of commercial fertilizer is the cause of the increasing use of chicken litter. Too much chicken litter can cause the grass to have too much nitrogen. The excessive amount of nitrogen can be harmful to your cattle.

Greenfeed[edit | edit source]

Other Feed[edit | edit source]