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Radium Core[edit]

Radium Core is a Proof-Of-Stake cryptocurrency that serves as the block-chain and consensus mechanism behind the Radium SmartChain. The SmartChain is a smart data layer providing username-address linkage through keypair managed Identities, file signatures and proof-of-existence, Blockchain secured public Voting, immutable text notes. notes. Radium Core is comprised of two separate applications; the Radium wallet, and the Radium SmartChain. Users interact with the SmartChain using the SmartChain core client, a full graphical interface that reads and writes to the blockchain using a standard RPC connection to the wallet.


A digital identity is created by pairing a username and other optional demographic data with a Radium Core public key, and recording that paring block-chain. The identity becomes publicly visible, and actions taken on behalf of that identity are validated using asymmetric key signing.

File Signature[edit]

Using their digital identity, a user can create a file hash and secure it in the blockchain with a unique digital signature, creating a public, permanent, and time-stamped record of that file in the Radium Blockchain. File signing allows a user to prove the authenticity of a file and that the file existed at a particular point in time.


Blockchain Voting allows users to create elections and polls directly on the blockchain. All votes require cryptographic signatures and are directly linked to the voting identity, providing accountability and accuracy of voting results. Vote results are public, can be viewed in real time, and easily validated using the SmartChain software suite. Elections can be created and held by anyone, with poll open and close times specified by the creator. Elections can be created so that voting does not open until a time in the future, allowing voters time to research candidates if desired before the polls actually open.

Text Notes[edit]

Using a digital identity, a user sign and record short pieces of text directly into the Radium blockchain. Notes are visible to everyone, and are cryptographically linked to their author. Notes are can be used for recording predictions, creating memorials, and for any other purpose requiring public, permanent, signed, and time-stamped text.

One Click Verify[edit]

One Click Verify is a standalone program that allows a user to look up the File Signature of any file on their computer. The One Click Verify installer creates an option in the windows right click context menu titled "Verify file with SmartChain" that when activated will calculate the File Signature of the selected file, and check it against known File Signatures in the Radium blockchain. The One Click Verify system operates independently, and does not require installation of Radium core or SmartChain core.


Staking is the process by which the Radium Core blockchain is secured and new coins are generated. Staking is the Proof-Of-Stake equivalent of mining, for Proof-Of-Work coins. Click the title above for more information and staking tutorials.

Blockchain Specifications [edit]

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SmartChain (incomplete)[edit]

Use Cases[edit]

A few real world and theoretical use cases for Radium Core

Prevention of Download Link Hijacking during Linux Mint Hack[edit]

Prevention of Ransom-ware downloading in the Transmission BitTorrent Update[edit]

Prevention of Link Hijacking by using Smartchain as Proof of Author[edit]

Tutorials (incomplete)[edit]

How to stake Radium (Win/Mac)[edit]

How to stake Radium (Raspberry Pi)[edit]

History (incomplete)[edit]

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Connect (incomplete)[edit]

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