RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/RAC Attack 12c/Install Grid Infrastructure (ASM)

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  1. From the VNC remote session, run the installation of Grid Infrastructure as oracle:
  2. [oracle@collabn1 ~]$ /media/sf_12cR1/grid/runInstaller Starting Oracle Universal Installer... Checking Temp space: must be greater than 120 MB. Actual 22670 MB Passed Checking swap space: must be greater than 150 MB. Actual 3023 MB Passed Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors. Actual 16777216 Passed Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2013-08-06_04-25-00PM. Please wait ...[oracle@collabn1 ~]$ [oracle@collabn1 ~]$
  3. The Installation starts displaying a Splash Screen:
  4. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Splash
  5. Leave Skip software updates and click Next:
  6. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Software Updates
  7. Leave Install and Configure Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster and click Next:
  8. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Installation option
  9. Leave Configure a Standard Cluster and click Next:
  10. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Cluster Type
  11. Leave Typical Installation and click Next:
  12. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Installation type
  13. In the SCAN Name box, enter collabn-cluster-scan.racattack
  14. In the central box, only the first node is displayed. Click Add... and enter the network names of the second node:
    • Public Hostname: collabn2.racattack
    • Virtual Hostname: collabn2-vip.racattack
    RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Cluster configuration
  15. Click SSH connectivity...
  16. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Cluster configuration done
  17. Enter racattack as the password of oracle user and click Setup.
  18. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-SSH connectivity
  19. The setup of SSH equivalency is initiated.
  20. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-SSH connectivity progress
  21. Click OK when it's completed.
  22. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-SSH connectivity OK
  23. Click on Identify Network Interfaces...
  24. Check that the correct addresses are set:
    • eth0 is marked as Public
    • eth1 is marked as Private
    • eth2 is marked as Do Not Use
    Click OK to close the Identify Network Interfaces window. Finally, click Next RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Identify Network Interfaces
  25. Some prerequisite validation is done at this step. It can require some minutes to complete.
  26. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Installer validation
  27. Since the SCAN Name chosen is too long (more than 15 chars.) Oracle proposes a different name as the Cluster Name. Click Yes.
  28. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Confirm Cluster Name
  29. Leave the default Oracle Base and Software Location.
  30. In the Cluster Registry Storage Type combo box, select Oracle Automatic Storage Management Enter racattack as the SYSASM password. Select dba as OSASM group. Click Next. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Install Locations
  31. racattack is a weak password and Oracle raise an alert. Click Yes to continue:
  32. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Sysasm weak password
  33. Leave DATA as Disk Group Name.
  34. Select External redundancy (it is safe to do this in a RAC Attack event!). The Candidate Disks list is empty. Click on Change Discovery Path... Enter /dev/asm* in the Disk Discovery Path text field. Click Ok. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Create ASM Diskgroup
  35. Check two disks that will be immediately allocated to the new disk group.
  36. Click Next RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Create ASM Diskgroup disks
  37. Leave the default Inventory Directory. Click Next.
  38. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Create Inventory
  39. Check Automatically run configuration script and then Use "root" user credentials.
  40. Enter racattack as the password of root and click Next. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Root script execution credentials
  41. It takes some time to complete the prerequisite checks.
  42. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Prerequisite Check progress
  43. If everything is correct, you will notice two checks that have failed:
    • Physical Memory
    • Device Checks for ASM
    Check "Ignore All" and click Next. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Prerequisite checks
  44. Click Yes to confirm that you want to skip some prerequisites.
  45. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Prerequisite checks continue
  46. The summary page appears. Optionally, click Save Response File and choose a location to have the response file saved for this installation session.
  47. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Save response file
  48. Review the summary and click Install to start the installation.
  49. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Summary
  50. The installation starts. It may take more than an hour, depending on your laptop hardware.
  51. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Install product progress
  52. After a while, the installation asks a confirmation before running some scripts as root. Click Yes to continue.
  53. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Confirm root execution
  54. The installation continues, again, it may take longtime to complete. Once it's finished, click on Close to exit.
  55. RA-Oracle_GI_12101-Install-Completed