RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/RAC Attack 12c/Clone VirtualBox VM

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  1. Shutdown the VM.
  2. [root@collabn1 ~]# shutdown -h now Broadcast message from root@collabn1.racattack (/dev/pts/0) at 8:42 ... The system is going down for halt NOW!
  3. Clone the disk collabn1.vdi: from VirtualBox Manager, click File -> Virtual Media Manager.
  4. Virtualbox 4: Virtual box manager
  5. Right-click on the disk collabn1.vdi and click Copy...
  6. Virtualbox 4: Clone Disk - Virtual Media Manager copy
  7. Leave the file collabn1.vdi, click Next.
  8. Virtualbox 4: Clone Disk - Virtual Media Manager HD to copy
  9. Leave VDI as file type. Click Next.
  10. Virtualbox 4: Clone Disk - HD type
  11. Leave Dynamically allocated. Click Next.
  12. Virtualbox 4: Clone Disk - allocation type
  13. Type in the full path or choose through the browse icon the Location for the disk file to be created.
  14. Again, it is better to use the common folder racattack12c previously created for all the virtual disks. The file should be named collabn2.vdi. Click Copy. Virtualbox 4: Clone Disk - new disk name
  15. Click Close to exit from the Virtual Media Manager.