Question Writer Tracker Manual/Controlling and Monitoring Access/Track User ID from CMS

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Track User ID from CMS[edit | edit source]

Here's a helpful little technical tip for tracking users from your existing login system through to the Question Writer Tracker.

Question Writer quizzes can take a parameter 'sourceid' and the value of this parameter will automatically be added to the candidate field - the parameter goes into the HTML between the name and the sendURL - here's what the HTML fragment needs to look like -

. . . . . version:”7,0,19,0″,name:”QWContent”},{sourceid:”12345ABCDE”,sendURL:” . . . . .

In this case, the candidate ID will be set as 12345ABCDE - whatever value you dynamically write into the HTML will show up as the candidate ID in the results e-mail and on the Question Writer Tracker.

The format for links for HTML5 quizzes has changed, so you’ll use a different format when passing a user id to an HTML5 quiz.

A standard link looks like -

to pass the user id ‘userid’, use the following link style,

Note, the ‘qwid-’ part does not form part of the id, but must be present. Also the trailing slash must be present. Only uppercase and lower case a-z and numbers are allowed in the id.