Question Writer Tracker Manual/Controlling and Monitoring Access/Restrict Access Based on IP Address

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Restrict Access Based on IP Address[edit | edit source]

This feature for Question Writer Tracker allows the restriction of access to uploaded quizzes to people according to their IP address.

To access this first click on Quizzes in the main menu and then select a quiz. A screen will open showing all the options for that quiz including this section:

This will be most useful to restrict access to a quiz to a classroom or computer lab but there are probably other uses for it.

You can add a number of rules - they are evaluated left to right, and wildcards are supported. Use * to represent a wildcard number Use ; to separate multiple IP address terms Use - to disallow ip address


  • .*.*.* allows access to all users.

123.123.*.* allows access to just the 123.123 subnet

-123.123.*.*; *.*.*.* denies access to 123.123 subnet but allows everyone else