Question Writer Manual/Save and Publish/Publish your Quiz/Publish to the Web

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Publish to the Web[edit]

Before you go ahead and publish to the web check the Web Settings properties and make sure that you have ticked the Browser Options box to maximise the quiz in the browers and given a link for quiz takers to jump to after completing the quiz.

When you select Publish to the Web, Quiz Writer will create files for you to load your quiz onto your website.

QW3Export to HTML.jpg

You will be asked if you would like to open the directory with the files. Say Yes and you will see a directory with at least 3 files:

  • an HTML document (*.html )
  • one or more Shockwave Flash file (*.swf)
  • And a Jscript Script File (*.js)

If you are using pre-generated random quizzes there will be an .swf file for each quiz generated.

QW3HTML directory.jpg

All the files contained in the directory have to be uploaded to your website in a new folder or directory. The actual process for doing this will depend on your website. If you do not already have a website see Create a Web Page for some help in making your own website and publishing your quizzes online or you could just Publish to Question Writer Tracker.