Question Writer Manual/Save and Publish/Publish your Quiz/Publish for Printing

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Publish for Printing[edit]

If you select the Publish for Printing option in the Publish menu you will create an HTML based document optimized for printing. The print option respects randomization - so you will create a different print document for each randomized version created.

QW3 Question print out.jpg

Additionally two versions of each quiz are created - one with room for the quiz taker to write answers, and one which also includes the feedback and scoring.

QW3 Q&A printout.jpg

You can use your default browser to print the quiz - Internet Explorer and the Opera browser will create the best results. As the document is HTML, it is fairly easy to change if you want to edit your quiz after publishing it.

Question Writer uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for the print option so you can completely change the design of the printed document. The template files are located in 'C:\Program Files\Question Writer\Publishing\Print' - any changes you make to these files will be reflected in all of your future printed quizzes.