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Question Options

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Question Options allows you to offer different types of content as answer options. For example you could ask a user to sequence a list of images, or match images to names or use animations of sounds as options for answers. You can add Options to the Partial Credit, Matching, Sequencing and Plugin question types.

To add an option you right click on the question and choose Add - Option. You can then add text, images, sounds or animations. Here is a link to a short quiz on British Design Classics featuring the options feature [[1]]

Question Writer still uses the text answers you have defined but adds the options. For matching question types, each match follows the choice. The plugin questions can be programmed to use the option content in any way. For example the Horizontal Slider Plugin Question uses the first option as the slider background and the second option as the slider button.

Here is a step by step description of how to add images to a matching question.

First add your question, it must be either a Partial Credit, Matching, Sequencing or Plugin question types but for this example we are using a matching question.

In the question properties you can type in the Question, eg “Match the colours to the images?” You do not need to add any text into the choices or matches fields.

The next step is to add options to the Question. With your mouse over the question, right click and select Add and then, from the drop down list that appears, select Option

You need to add an option for each possible answer option you want to give, ie the choice and it’s respective match.

After you have added your first option you can add your image to that option. So with your mouse on the option, right click and select Add and then Image

You can then add the option to match with that image, eg a text option, though it could be another image or a sound.

When you have added all your choices and matches you can preview your question.