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Adding Pages

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You can add pages directly to a quiz or within sections of a quiz and display several questions on a single page. For example, this feature can be used if you use an Explanation type question to set a passage of text and then ask a series of questions about that text.

To add a page, right click when your mouse is over the Quiz (or section) and select Add - Page.

You can also add a page from the Add Question drop down menu.

You can name your page by right clicking your mouse while on page, selecting Properties and adding a page title in the popup. You can also move your page up or down the menu by right clicking your mouse while on page, selecting Move Up or Move Down.

Once you have added the page you can add questions to the page by right clicking and then selecting Add-Question, or by dropping and dragging from elsewhere in the quiz or from another quiz.

If you are using pages within a quiz, you will not be able to give your quiz takers the option to zoom images. Images will be displayed in line as it can be confusing to have multiple zooming images.