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Python Beginner to Expert

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Welcome to Python Beginner to Expert, a free wikitext.

Introducing Python[edit]

  1. Origins
  2. History
  3. language characteristics, etc.

Structured Python[edit]

  1. Intro to shell
  2. Intro to IDLE
  3. Words about other development environments
  4. Basic syntax
  5. Built in types/
  6. Assignment statements
  7. Arithmetic
  8. Math functions
  9. Lists and dictionaries
  10. Program flow Control statements
  11. iterators
  12. practice problems
  13. Debugging techniques

OOP with Python[edit]


Python for shell scripting[edit]

  1. String processing (re module)
  2. OS commands
  3. Example scripts
  4. practice problems

Selected modules[edit]

Python for web programming[edit]

  1. Example scripts
  2. Practice problems

Survey of web frameworks[edit]

  1. Django
  2. Zope
  3. flask