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History of Electrophoresis[edit]

1930s First reports of the use of sucrose for gel electrophoresis.

1937 The official launching of Tiselius' moving boundary electrophoresis (MBE).

1939 Zone Electrophoresi

1950 Rich in introducing novel methodologies in zone electrophoresis (ZE)

1950 Agar Gel electrophoresis

1955 Introduction of starch gels, not very good separation

1957 Cellulose acetate Electrophoresis(CAc) by Kohn

1959 Introduction of acrylamide gels for 1st time (Raymond and Winstraub) Accuracy of control of parameters such as pore size and stability

1961 Electrophoresis in silica gel by Honnegar

1961IsoElectricFocusing by Svensson

1964 Electrophoresis in thin layer of sephadex beads by Fasella

1964 Disc gel electrophoresis Ornstein and Davis

1969 Introduction of denaturing agents especially SDS separation of protein subunit (Beber and Osborn)

1970 Laemmli-T4 phage separated 28 components Mstacking gel + SDS

1975 2 Dimensional gels OFarrell isoelectric focussing then SDS gel electrophoresis.

1977 Sequencing gels

Late 1970s agarose gels

1980sImmobilized pH gradients

1983 Pulsed field gel electrophoresis

1983 Capillary electrophoresis introduced


Electrophoresis: the march of pennies, the march of dimes. Righetti PG.