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Capillary Electrophoresis Web Pages

  • World-2DPAGE, listing [1], query portal [2]
    • This site contains a listing to other 2D PAGE Database servers by organism, as well as a Web portal to query simultaneously World-Wide proteomics databases.

  • SWISS-2DPAGE, [3]
    • This database contains data on proteins identified on a large collection of 2-D PAGE and SDS-PAGE reference maps. The database is linked to many other proteomics ressources. It has a graphical interface, as well as a search engine offering many various queries.

  • Proteome 2D-PAGE Database, [4]
    • 2D-page protein files for various bacterial proteins can be searched by organism or by clicking on a spot on a reference map.

  • BIOBASE Biological Databases: Proteome Database, [5]
    • The site contain databases for human, S.cerevsiae, S.pombe, C. elegans,and pathogenic fungi. Search by name of protein. Links to NCBI Webpage

  • Danish Centre for translational breast cancer research, [6]
    • Human 2D-page protein files can be searched by name, keyword, organelle or by clicking on a spot on a reference map. This site also includes a 2D gel immunoblot gallery, which displays whole proteins reacted with antibodies.

  • BPP-2DPAGE, [8]
    • Hematopoietic cell lines can be searched by clicking a spot on a reference map.

  • Parasite Host Cell Interaction 2D-PAGE database, [9]
    • Parasite host cell interactions can be searched by author, description or by clicking a spot on a reference map.

  • Yeast Protein Map, [10]
    • This site contains 2D gel maps of yeast proteins listed by gene and ORF names.

  • SIENA-2DPAGE, [11]
    • This database can be searched by description, author or by clicking on spots.

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