Polish Sign Language/Lesson 1

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Saying hi[edit | edit source]

You can say hi in many ways. The most common way of saying hi in PJM is just waving your hand. Another way of saying hi is shaking hands.

Introducing oneself[edit | edit source]

Keep in mind that PJM has its own grammar. The word order is different and verbs are often omitted.

English: Hi, my name is Alan.

PJM: hiInameA-L-A-N

English: I am a student.

PJM: Istudent

English: I am 20 years old.

PJM: Iage20

Asking questions[edit | edit source]

When posing a question facial expressions are very important. When we pose a question like that we usually raise our eyebrows when signing the element we ask for. In this case name is emphasized, therefore we rise our eyebrows when signing name


The thing we are asking about is usually put at the end of the sentence.


Sample dialogue[edit | edit source]

Speaker 1: hi

Speaker 2: hi

Speaker 1: youname?

Speaker 2: IA-D-A-M,you?

Speaker 1: IB-E-A-T-A

Speaker 2: youstudent?

Speaker 1: no,Iwork