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This section will contain words used in this wikibook along with illustrations and descriptions. The words will be chosen arbitrarily and will only represent a very small portion of the Polish Sign Language lexicon.

I[edit | edit source]


Point your index finger at the middle of your chest.

This sign also has the meaning of me.

child[edit | edit source]

Righ hand I

children[edit | edit source]

The sign looks like patti

father[edit | edit source]

from[edit | edit source]

go[edit | edit source]

Left hand B,

good[edit | edit source]

Hand in the shape of O Move your hand forward.

good day[edit | edit source]

good morning, good afternoon

good night[edit | edit source]

have[edit | edit source]

hi[edit | edit source]


Variant 1: Wave your right hand Variant 2:

house[edit | edit source]

both hands B

know[edit | edit source]

live[edit | edit source]

meaning - to inhabit, to occupy

not know[edit | edit source]

mother[edit | edit source]

no[edit | edit source]

variant 1: shake your head variant 2: variant 3: spell the word with N-E

Note: Some words have negation in themselves and do not require this sign.

student[edit | edit source]

left hand A, right hand O

you[edit | edit source]


Point your index finger towards the addressee.

Use the same sign for he, him, she, her, it, this.

your[edit | edit source]