Plastics Molding & Manufacturing/Quiz Defects

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1 What is the primary slogan to keep in mind concerning troubleshooting?

Don't repeat yourself.
Keep it simple.
Less is more.
You are not gonna need it.

2 Where does one common source of troubleshooting assistance come from?

Material Supplier.
Process Engineers.
Old-timers Operators.
Production leader.

3 Not considering initial product design, what the most probable root causes of most injection-molded defects?

Men (Operator).

4 What three items should a troubleshooter apply to solving a defect problem?

Eagle eyes.
Simple analysis.
Common sense.

5 What percentage (range) of the barrel capacity should be emptied every cycle?

0 ~ 100%
30 ~50 %
40 ~ 60%
20 ~ 80 %

6 How does the operator often contribute to defective molded parts?

Eating at workstation
Going for toilet breaks
Inconsistent cycle times
Doing housekeeping

7 What is the term used to describe a material that absorbs moisture from the atmosphere?



What happens to moisture in the material as it travels through the heating cylinder of the machine?
It turns into