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PlanoTse Handbook for Job Search Automation
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Chapter 4

Preview Page - Preview of Automation Script Generation[edit | edit source]

The web search commands generated by the Preview button on the Preview Page in Automation Wizard are, if so desired, all the tasks to be carried out by the Web Search Automation Process in PlanoTse.

Coming Soon

Whenever you see a box like this, whose title is, Coming Soon, you should expect that in the future it will be replaced with new or detail text for the section where it is under. You do not really need to have such text as nearby demo instruction should be helpful enough in showing you how to work with the software for the current topic.

Input Fields[edit | edit source]

Browser Count[edit | edit source]

This specifies the maximum number of browser programs your computer can handle without freezing the screen.

Maximum Runs[edit | edit source]

This field specifies the number of web addresses the web automation session will navigate before stopping the session. Zero means limitless. This is useful for debug purposes.

Launch ASAP[edit | edit source]

Do you want to launch the browser ASAP, i.e. right after a web search command is generated? This field is not too useful at this time.

Internet Timeout[edit | edit source]

The system will keep trying to access the Internet until after this many seconds.

Demo Section[edit | edit source]

The PREVIEW button does not do anything except to let you know what is coming down the road. After pressing the PREVIEW button, you should see the following results on the whiteboard:

  1. { web search Banking Dallas job-description management -hardware -resume ; }
  2. { web search Retail Dallas job-description management -hardware -resume ; }
  3. { web search Banking Houston job-description management -hardware -resume ; }
  4. { web search Retail Houston job-description management -hardware -resume ; }
  5. { web search Banking San-Antonio job-description management -hardware -resume ; }
  6. { web search Retail San-Antonio job-description management -hardware -resume ; }

There are 6 web search command lines because you have 3 cities and 2 industries. This is the multiplicative effect of previously declared search factors. In another example, if you have 2 cities, 3 industries and 4 skills, the result would be 2 x 3 x 4 = 24 web search commands.

In this example, the above four web search commands would look for management jobs in two industries at two different cities. For good measure, hardware and resume were declared to be exclusion words. This mean that you would be get any articles that include any of these excluding words.

This page is part of The Shortest Route, which is the shortest sequence of pages that would as quickly as possible bring you to the point where you can start using PlanoTse effectively for either job search automation or any other application in the mining of global data from the World Wide Web.

PlanoTse Handbook for Job Search Automation
Exclusion Page Preview Page Generation Page