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PlanoTse Handbook for Job Search Automation
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Chapter 4

Generation Page - Generating and Running Automation Script[edit | edit source]

The web search commands generated by the Generate button on the Generation Page in Automation Wizard are used in manual review of all the tasks that would be carried out by the Automation Manager in PlanoTse. Two key buttons on this page are Generate and Run.

  • The Generate button is used to generate review commands for immediate use.
  • The Run button is used to run the generated master script.

The above two buttons and their functions are not required for the actual Web Search Automation Process in PlanoTse.

Generation Page GUI[edit | edit source]

Demo Section[edit | edit source]

When you press the Generate button, the Automation Wizard does the following:

  1. Calculate the number of commands, in this demo, 3 cities x 2 industries = 6.
  2. Calculate the number of command groups then round it up. In this demo, divide the above 6 by 5, which is number of browsers your computer can handle at most per Browser Count value. The result for this demo is 2.
  3. Create 2 data items as script holders and use them as two workers, each holding their assigned web search commands. If any of these data holders are already created, re-use them.
  4. Create a master script with commands putting these workers to work.

This page is part of The Shortest Route, which is the shortest sequence of pages that would as quickly as possible bring you to the point where you can start using PlanoTse effectively for either job search automation or any other application in the mining of global data from the World Wide Web.

PlanoTse Handbook for Job Search Automation
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