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PlanoTse Handbook for Job Search Automation
Mixing PlanoTseScript with HTML Creating a Testbed First Lesson in PlanoTseScript
Chapter 5

Creating a Testbed[edit]

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A PlanoTseScript testbed is where you can code and test your source code in PlanoTseScript . When you are satisfied with your logic, you copy the source code and place it in the target springboard. The steps in this section show you how to use a data holder as a testbed for your PlanoTseScript experiments.

Data Directories[edit]

You should always know where your data is stored, especially when you create a testbed. Before you start using the software for serious purposes, you should learn how to deal with data domains and data directories in PlanoTse.

How to Create a PlanoTseScript Testbed[edit]

The first step in setting up your testbed is to create a script holder. You can do this via menu or via PlanoTseScript. Almost any menu command in PlanoTse can be carried out as a command in PlanoTseScript. Take either of the following course of action:

Alternative Method 1. Use the Menu
  1. Select the menu command [File » New » Others » Script].
  2. Enter the script title: 'My First Testbed', or use any other testbed name
Alternative Method 2. Use PlanoTseScript
  1. Select the menu command [View » Code & Run].
  2. Enter the string that includes your choice of testbed name: { new script My First Testbed; }
  3. Press the button [Run PlanoTseScript].

How to Insert Some Code in the Testbed[edit]

Do the following steps to insert some code in the testbed:

  1. Open the script holder for use as part of a testbed.
  2. Press the Steps button.
  3. Enter the code in the input box of the Steps window: { say Hello from my testbed!; }
  4. Press the button [Save & Close].
  5. Press the Run button and see the result.

How to Access Your Testbed Script from Anywhere[edit]

Do the following steps to turn the Go menu into a way to access your testbed script:

  1. Remember the number of the script holder you created for use as part of your testbed.
  2. Select the menu command [Automation » Go Script » Edit the Go script].
  3. Press the key [Ctrl+A] then press the key [Del] to delete existing content in the Go script file.
  4. Type in the code, { edit script 99999; }, where 99999 is the actual number of your scrip holder.
  5. Close the Notepad and save the Go script.
  6. From the main menu, click on 'Go' and see that you can open your testbed script at any time regardless of where you might be in the application.

This page is part of The Shortest Route, which is the shortest sequence of pages that would as quickly as possible bring you to the point where you can start using PlanoTse effectively for either job search automation or any other application in the mining of global data from the World Wide Web.

PlanoTse Handbook for Job Search Automation
Mixing PlanoTseScript with HTML Creating a Testbed First Lesson in PlanoTseScript