Pinyin/We Are Family

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We are family

My happiness,
comes from your laughter.

If your tears fell,
my heart will be more painful.

My dreams,
need your accompaniment to finish.

The love you gave me,
make my courage multiplies.

We are family,
be mutually dependent and grateful.

We are family,
let us share each other's life.

woo'men shih yijiarern

woo d kuaihleh,
lairzih nii d xiaohsheng.

nii rurguoo liurleih,
woo huih gehng xinterng.

woo d mehngxiaang,
xuyaoh nii peir woo warncherng.

nii geei woo d aih,
rahng woo yoongqih beihzeng.

woo'men shih yijiarern,
xiangyixiangxi biicii gaan`en.

woo'men shih yijiarern,
gohngtorng fenxiaang biicii d rernsheng.