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Turkey is a healthy food. It is rich in protein, omega-3, and different kinds of vitamin B. Eating turkey without skin can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. Skinned turkey breast is healthier than skinned turkey leg, because its saturated fat is about 10% of the saturated fat of skinned turkey leg.

huooji shih jiahnkang shirwuh, harn fengfuh dahnbairzhih, omega-3, her duo zhoong vitamin B. chi quhpir huooji kee jiahngdi yirzahng-air fengxiaan. quhpir huooji-xiong bii quhpir huooji tuii gehng jiahnkang, yinweih baaoher zhifarng yue shih quhpir huooji tuii'd 10%.

Safe handling of turkey is very important for avoiding contamination. Refrigerated raw turkey can keep for 1-2 days while cooked turkey will keep for about 3-4 days. Turkey must be fully cooked before eating.

anquarn chuulii huooji bihmiaan wuraan heen zhohngyaoh. sheng huooji zaih xueeguih kee baaocurn 1-2 rih, shur'd 3-4 rih. huooji bihxu shurtouh cair kee chi.