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Time[edit | edit source]

Time is the method for measuring the speed of the change of things.

The measuring units of time including year, month, day, hour, minute, second, and etc.

The SI (Systeme Internationale) base unit of time is one second, written as s.

Einsteinian physics sees time and space as a single concept.

shirjian[edit | edit source]

shirjian shih liarngduor shihwuh biahnhuah suhduh d fangfaa.

shirjian d liarngduor danweih yoou niarn, yueh, rih, xiaaoshir, fen, miaao, deeng.

SI (Systeme Internationale) d shirjian jibeen danweih shih miaao, xieecherng s.

Einstein wuhliixuer baa shirjian her kongjian kahncherng shih 1'g danyi gaihniahn.