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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking

The sun

Above the sea,
the sun appears from the sea.

In the mountainous villages,
the sun comes from the cackle of cocks.

Above the grassland,
the sun jumps up from grasses.

In the forest,
the sun comes from the chirping of birds.

Oh, the beautiful world,
is appeared by the shinning of the sun!


dahhaai shahng,
taihyarng shih corng haai lii maoh chulair d.

shancun lii,
taihyarng shih gongji jiaoh chulair d.

caaoyuarn shahng,
taihyarng shih corng caaocorng lii tiaoh chulair d.

shuhlirn lii,
taihyarng shih niaao'r chahng chulair d.

oh, meeilih d shihjieh,
shih taihyarng zhaoh chulair d!