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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking


I request a peaceful life.
A life without quarrel and fighting.

I request a bright sun.
A sun that can put brightness and joy towards my heart.

I request a bright lamp.
A bright lamp that can shine on my forwarding road.

What I request is not a lot.
However, each time I faced my eyes need to cry.


woo qiingqiur 1'g annirng d shenghuor.
1'g meiryoou chaaojiah douh'ou d shenghuor.

woo qiingqiur 1'g guangmirng d taihyarng.
1'g keeyii baa guangmirng her xihngfur saaxihang woo xinzhong d taihyarng.

woo qiingqiur 1-zhaan mirngdeng.
1-zhaan keeyii baa woo qiarnjihn d daohluh zhaohliahng d mirngdeng.

woo qiingqiur d busuahn duo.
Keeshih meeiyicih dou yaoh leihyaan xiangduih.