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When without hope,
pain is a long journey,
so long,
so tired.

When lonely,
pain is a person's meeting,
in the beginning is one own,
in the end is one own.

When I am in difficulty,
pain is an endless desert,
I want to leave,
yet cannot find exit.

When I am confused,
pain is like endlessly dividing cells,
when one thing is solved,
another thing is beginning to generate.


wurwahng shir,
tohngkuu shih mahncharng d xirngcherng,
rurcii charngyuaan,
rurcii pirleih.

gudan shir,
tohngkuu shih 1'g rern d juhhuih,
kaishii shih zihjii,
jiershuh yeeshih zihjii.

kuhnnarn shir,
tohngkuu shih meir jihntour d shamoh,
woo xiaang lirkai,
queh zhaaobudaoh chukoou.

kuhnhuoh shir,
tohngkuu shih buduahn fenlieh d xihbao,
jieejuer le zheh'g,
nah'g youh kaishii chaansheng.