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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking

My home

I am a bird,
my home is the sky.

I fly freely in the sky,
forgetting all pains.

I am a passer-by,
my home is the road.

I am walking about on the road,
let the leisure be my happiness.

I am a bee and a butterfly,
my home is a field of flowers.

I busily fly about in a field of flowers,
let rewards be my happiness.

woo d jia

woo shih xiaaoniaao,
woo d jia shih tiankong.

woo zaih tiankong zhong zihyour feixiarng,
baa yiqieh tohngkuu pao zaih naaohouh.

woo shih luhrern,
woo d jia shih daohluh.

woo zaih luhshahng zoou lair zoou quh,
baa youxiarn dahngzuoh zihjii d xiaangshouh.

woo shih feng-dier,
woo d jia shih huacorng.

woo zaih huacorng zhong farnmarng feidohng,
baa shouhuoh zuohweir zihjii d kuaihleh.