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Pinyin tone marking

The Moon is the natural satellite of the Earth. (Other planets also have moons also called natural satellites.) The Moon can be seen from Earth. The Moon is actually very large, about a quarter the size of the Earth, but because it is far away it looks very small. The gravity on the Moon is one-sixth of the Earth's gravity. It means that something will be 6 times lighter on the Moon than on the Earth. The Moon is a rocky and dusty place. The Moon drifts away from Earth at the rate of 4 centimeters per year.

Yuehqiur shih Dihqiur d tianrarn weihxing. (qirta xirngxing yee yoou yuehqiur yee jiaohzuoh tianrarn weihxing.) corng Dihqiur kee kahndaoh Yuehqiur. Yuehqiur shirjih heen dah, yue Dihqiur d 1/4, youryur heen yuaan, kahn qiilair heen xiaao. Yuehqiur xilih shih Dihqiur d 1/6. yeejiuhshih Yuehqiur shahng d zhohngliahng shih Dihqiur d 1/6. Yuehqiur shih yarnshir her duo chern de xingqiur. Yuehqiur meei niarn pianlir Dihqiur 4 cm.