Pinyin/Little rabbit

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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking

Someone likes cats, someone likes dogs, and someone likes birds, but I like a little rabbit the most.

It has snow-white teeth and fur, so cute. It has eyes like red gemstones, eyes that are bright and piercing.

This is the cute little rabbit of my home.

yoourern xiihuan mao, yoourern xiihuan goou, hair yoourern xiihuan niaao, dahn woo zuih xiihuan xiaao tuh'zi.

ta yoou xueebair d yarchii her maor, kee'aih jirle. ta yoou horngbaaoshir-shihde yaanjing, jioongjioongyooushern.

zheh jiushih woo jia kee`aih d xiaao tuh'zi.