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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking


What does failure mean?
Meaning you miss this chance?
Meaning you are going to be sad and down?

Hence I am going to remind you:
this is a big mistake!

What does failure mean?
I tell you:

It means you are going to have the courage to conquer it!
It means you are going to put on a smiling face
to face all things in the world!


shibaih yihweih'zhe shern'me?
yihweih'zhe nii cuohguoh'le zhehcih jihuih?
yihweih'zhe nii jiang shangxin her shiluoh?

zaih zheh woo zhiineeng tirxiing nii 1-juh:
zheh jiuhshih dahcuoh-tehcuoh!

shibaih yihweih'zhe shern'me?
woo gaohsuh nii:

ta yihweih'zhe nii jiang yoou yoongqih kehfur ta!
ta yihweih'zhe nii jiang yohng xiaohliaan
lair miahnduih zheh shihjieh shahng d yiqieh!