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When I am small, I dream about being in the sea.
The fishes in the sea smile at me,
which let me know how beautiful the world is!

When I grew up, I dream about being in nature.
The flying birds waving at me,
which let me know how pure the sky is!

Fishes in water, flying birds, I ask you,
do you know where my dreams are?


xiaaoshirhouh, woo d mehng zaih dahhaai lii.
shuii zhong d yur'r duih woo weixiaoh,
woo cair zhidaoh shihjieh shih nah'me meei!

zhaangdah le, woo d mehng zaih zihrarn zhong.
feixiarng d niaao'r xiahng woo zhaoshoou,
woo cair zhidaoh tiankong shih nahyahng churnjier!

shuii zhong d yur'r, feixiarng d niaao'r, woo wehn nii'men,
nii'men kee zhidaoh woo d mehng zaih naa?