Pinyin/Childhood (3)

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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking


Still remember?
Below the white ceiling,
a series of happy laughters.

Still remember?
Notes passed around during lessons,
paper airplanes played after lessons,
games played after school,
matters discussed during go to school.

At the blink of the eyes 6 years passed,
there is no need for sorrow during departure,
let me see the most beautiful you.


hair jihder 'ma?
zaih bairseh tianhuabaan xiah,
yizhehnzhehn yueh'eer d xiaohsheng.

hair jihder 'ma?
shahngkeh shir chuarn d xiaaozhiitiaor,
xiahkeh shir warn d zhiifeiji,
fahngxuer shir warn d yourxih,
shahngxuer shir taaoluhn d huahtir.

yizhaayaan 6 niarn guohquh,
lirbier shir bubih shangxin,
rahng woo kahnkahn zuih meei d nii.