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GUI and desktop programming

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There are several GUI widget sets available as additions to Perl, though the most common is probably Perl/Tk.

  • Gtk uses Gtk+, the Gimp Toolkit.
  • Gtk2 uses Gtk+ 2.x.
  • Gtk3 uses Gtk+ 3.x.
  • Prima uses its own toolkit.
  • Perl Tk (sometimes pTk or ptk) is a collection of modules and code that attempts to wed the simple Tk widget set to perl 5.
  • Tcl::Tk same as perlTk, but uses existing Tcl/Tk via Tcl, so allowing Tcl widgets
  • Tkx a different, lightweight, access to Tk via Tcl.
  • Qt uses the Qt toolkit.
  • Wx uses the platform independent wxWidgets toolkit.
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