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Developed by OrenBochman OrenBochman (discusscontribs) 12:23, 31 July 2011 (UTC)

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This is a template for adding examples to a book.

  • the first parameter (nameless) is the example text. If left blank it creates a request for expansion.
  • the second parameter (nameless) is the example's title.
  • the third parameter is cite expects a citation
  • idealy it would take the form: cite={{RCV|nid=fNorthByNorthWest |people= Lehman E. (Writer); Hitchcock, A. (Director) |date=1959|title=North by Northwest |url= |medium=Motion picture}} }}
but the following would work as well cite=Hitchcock, A. (Director). (1956). The Man Who Knew Too Much [Motion Picture].

note: to avoid errors with cite the page must have a <references goup="f"/> tag near the bottom. if the first type is used and a <references /> if the second type is used.

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