Orthopaedic Surgery/Office staff/Receptionist

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Maybe this job needs a new name. A receptionist must gather information while at the same time engaging in the critical process of orienting the patient to the practice and facilitating their transitions from waiting area to exam room. Upon arrival a patient may have immediate needs, parking issue, bathroom, a proactive approach to inquiring as to any difficulties of this sort are the job of a good receptionist. As Malcolm Gladwell discusses in his book "Blink", the ability to rapidly assess the state of mind of a patient bases sometimes just on non-verbal clues and to engage in appropriate strategies to mitigate and difficulties will pay big dividends. Insensitivity to this will lead to difficulties which will compound all the more as they are arising at the very start of the patients relationship with the practice. Denise Dr X's assistant will be showing you back to the exam room shortly, have a seat , the doctor is running about 10 minutes behind. The rest rooms are out the door and to the left.