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Note[edit | edit source]

Please see the talk page for the status of this book. You may wish to visit the OpenSSL Foundation Wiki instead. (aka the OpenSSL wiki).

OpenSSL[edit | edit source]

OpenSSL is an open-source library for Transport Layer Security and general-purpose Cryptography.

Overview[edit | edit source]

OpenSSL consists of two separate libraries: libcrypto and libssl. libcrypto is a general-purpose cryptography library which can be used alone. libssl is a TLS library which depends on libcrypto. OpenSSL also comes with an "openssl" command-line program, which can be used to exercise much of the functionality of the library from the command line.

libcrypto[edit | edit source]

libcrypto is the portion of OpenSSL for performing general-purpose cryptography, which can be used without libssl.

Introduction to libcrypto[edit | edit source]

BIO[edit | edit source]

EVP[edit | edit source]

Keys and Certificates[edit | edit source]

Elliptic Curve Cryptography[edit | edit source]

Engines[edit | edit source]

More libcrypto[edit | edit source]

libssl[edit | edit source]

libssl is the portion of OpenSSL which supports TLS, and depends on libcrypto.

Introduction to libssl[edit | edit source]

Configuration[edit | edit source]

Certificate Validation[edit | edit source]

More libssl[edit | edit source]

command line programs[edit | edit source]

The "openssl" command line program contains a variety of sub-programs.

TODO: document all of them!

Appendices[edit | edit source]


About the book[edit | edit source]

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