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OpenSSH/Other SSH Implementations

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Dropbear[edit | edit source]

Dropbear is a smaller, modular, open source SSH2 client and server available for all regular POSIX platforms. Dropbear is partially a derivative of OpenSSH and it is often used in embedded systems because very small binaries can be produced. Functions that are not needed can be left out of the binary, leaving a lean executable. Thus a working SSH server can be boiled down to 110KB by trimming away various functions.

Many distributions and products use Dropbear. This includes OpenWRT, gumstix, Tomato Firmware, PSPSSH, DSLinux, Meego, OpenMoko, Ångström (for Zaurus), ttylinux, Sisela, Trinux, SliTaz, Netcomm, US Robotics, some Motorola phones, and many, many more.

Tectia[edit | edit source]

Tectia is from SSH Communications Security Corporation which is based in Finland. It is a closed-source SSH client and server with FIPS support.

Solaris Secure Shell (SunSSH)[edit | edit source]

Sun SSH is fork of OpenSSH 2.3, with many subsequent changes.

GlobalSCAPE EFT Server[edit | edit source]

EFT Server is a closed binary that can include SSH and SFTP modules as extensions.

Gravitational Teleport[edit | edit source]

Teleport provides an Apache-licensed SSH server and client written in Golang. It supports only IPv4 and not IPv6 at this time.