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If you try to open a file with .stw extension, you will get a copy of that document that will be called Untitled. That's how templates work. But then you might ask: "How do I then edit a template?". Go File->Templates->Edit.

An article about various template collections

Writer templates[edit | edit source]

  • (A rather poor) imitation of default Latex article class: multilevel numbering of headings (useful for books or other longer, highly structured texts e.g. thesis). The default text body style is courier new, which is ideal for editing, as you might spot misspellings easier, but you most probably want to change it before printing. I usually edit texts in web view (View->Web View), and zoom in a lot, so that I strain my eyes less, but still I can see the end of line, which is wrapped. (Actually if you edit that way, it will remind you the interface of Lyx word processor). [1]