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OpenOffice.org User's Manual:

OpenOffice.org is a free, open source alternative to Microsoft Office[1] and WordPerfect. It provides almost all of the functionality at no cost to the end user. You can read more about the creators and the project's goals here.

This manual also works for early versions of LibreOffice.



OOo splash screen

OpenOffice.org is as an office suite, is divided into several related sub-applications. These applications are designed to work together but can also work like a stand alone programs:

  • Writer: word processor
  • Calc: spreadsheet
  • Impress: presentation program
  • Draw: vector graphics editor
  • Base: database management program
  • Math: formula editor

General Features

  • Macro: OpenOffice.org can be scripted through OpenOffice.org Basic, Python, Beanshell, and Javascript, this feature is more widely known as using Macros.
  • Find & Replace: OpenOffice.org's Find and Replace Function, from simple search and replace to the use of Regular Expressions.


Miscellaneous topics

Derived Works (Forks)

An up-to-date list is kept at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/DerivedWorks.

References and external links


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