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The goal of routing is to forward images received by OsiriX to other Dicom locations.

To set up routing:

  1. create an iCal calendar with the name you entered in the preferences.
  2. Next, add a route to a Calendar:
  3. Create a new Event in the specified calendar.
    • The event location should be in the format:
Server1 Description:Transfer Syntax/Description:Transfer Syntax/etc

For Example:

OSIRIX:JPEG 2000 Lossy 10:1

Permissible Transfer Syntaxes are:

  • Explicit Little Endian
  • JPEG 2000 Lossless
    • JPEG 2000 Lossy 10:1
    • JPEG 2000 Lossy 20:1
    • JPEG 2000 Lossy 50:1
  • JPEG Lossless
    • JPEG High Quality (9)
    • JPEG High Quality (8)
    • JPEG High Quality (7)