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About OsiriX[edit]

This selection brings up a splash screen showing which version of Osirix you are currently using. It also includes a button linking back to the main OsiriX website.

Splash screen for version 1.5B2 of OsiriX

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This selection currently has 8 separate subpanels:

OsiriX General Preferences[edit]

OsiriX Viewers Preferences[edit]

OsiriX CD/DVD Preferences[edit]

OsiriX Database Preferences[edit]

OsiriX Listener Preferences[edit]

OsiriX Locations Preferences[edit]

OsiriX Routing Preferences[edit]

OsiriX Protocols Preferences[edit]

Check for Updates[edit]

This selection will compare your current version of OsiriX against the latest version at OsiriX World Headquarters. If you have the most current version, you will see:


Otherwise, you will get a message telling you of a new version, with swell new features.

Hide OsiriX (command-H)[edit]

This selection causes OsiriX to hide. It will continue to run, but will be hidden from sight on your screen.

Hide Others[edit]

This selection causes other open applications to hide. They continue to run, but are hidden from sight on your screen.

Quit OsiriX (command-Q)[edit]

This selection causes OsiriX to shut down.

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