No Man's Sky/Crash course/Limited resources on a dangerous planet

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This guide assumes you do not want to escape the planet. If you want to escape it, see Stranded on a planet with no fuel.

Of course, your top priorities are:

  • Oxygen (O2) to refuel life support
  • Sodium (so) to refuel hazard protection
  • Carbon (obtained from plant life) to fuel refiners and your multitool
  • Copper, cadmium, and other chromatic ores (requires terrain manipulator) to refine to chromatic metal, which has many uses, but you need it to set up a permanent base.
    To find copper or cadmium or other chromatic metals, open your scanner and look at every white symbol. Tag the one that says "copper deposit", "cadmium deposit", etc. Then make your way to the tagged deposit.
    Chromatic metals are (in order from least valuable to most valuable): copper, cadmium, emril, indium