No Man's Sky/Crash course/Stranded on a planet with no fuel

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The starter tutorial guides you through this, this guide assumes you have already escaped the first planet.

So you're on a planet with no fuel in your ship. First, you need to see how long you're gonna last out there. If you have less than 5 minutes, make sure to apply any upgrades that will help you out in this situation. Otherwise, use your scanner to search for nearby elements. To make fuel, you need:

  • 50 di-hydrogen (use your multitool to break blue crystals)

Then you should get some ferrite, which you can get be mining rocks with your multitool. You need at least 40.

After that, craft a metal panel, and either refine the hydrogen in a portable refiner (preferred) or craft the hydrogen into hydrogen jelly. With the metal panel and hydrogen jelly, create rocket thruster fuel. Now you can equip this onto your ship's thrusters to leave the planet.

To refuel you hazard protection, you may need to gather a supply of sodium (so), or run to your ship when it gets low.